Kaligraphic and photocalligraphic works by Professor Zaichun Yanga

July 26 - August 31, 2018
Venue: Rijeka Museum, Museum Square 1/1

A renowned Chinese calligraphy and photographer, Professor Zaichun Yang, presents the traditional Chinese art of calligraphy in the Museum of the City, as well as the photographs taken during the last day of his stay in Croatia. His education was led by two master of calligraphy, Songxian Zheng and Qi Gong. Throughout the years of learning and practice, he integrated various styles: the official letter of the Hahn Dynasty, engraved records on the plates of the Northern Dynasties, and the semi-cursive and cursive letter of the Eastern Jina and the Northern Song Dynasty. Following the principles of traditional Chinese art, it combines rich historical legacies with barely noticeable changes, shaping a peculiar style. He has written more than 40 monographs and manuals, such as The Composition Art of Semi-Cursive and Cursive Scripts and Pan-Reading of the Art of Caligraphy, to popularize the calligraphy with a 15 million edition. In recent years, Yang experiments combining photography with calligraphy and poetry, creating a series of photocalligraphic works. The exhibition was set up in co-operation with YZC Art Studio.

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