Tradition and continuity. Artistic Art in the Community - Tradition and Continuity. Figurative art in the Community

06/11/2018. till 25.06.2018.
Venue: Rijeka Museum, Museum Square 1/1

Organized by the Italian Community in Rijeka / Comunità degli Italiani di Fiume e Museo della città di Rijeka, the exhibition “Tradition and Continuity” was opened in the Museum. Artistic Art in the Community – Tradition and Continuity. Figurative art in the Community. The Rijeka Week of Fijian Culture / Week of the Culture of Rijeka began with this event.

The exhibition is a selection from works by two important artists of the Rijeka Italian scene, art historian Erne Toncinich (1934 – 2015) and her students, painters and graphic artists Darija Vlahov Horvat (1966-2013). Their works in the same area, as a kind of exhibition in the exhibition, joined the exhibition Lateramant, which featured the artists of the visual section of Romolo Venucci: Bruno Biasol, Bruno Paladin, Claudia Kostadin, Dorina Kopitsić, Bruno Vidotto, Dorian Mataija, Maja Oreški, Edda Traven, Irene Mestrovich , Tatjana Matković, Gordana Grdinić, Katia Starčević and Laura Keber. These are novel works, which saw light in the mentor’s hand, Ivne Safundžić.
The link between these two events lies in the fact that the Section was founded and led by prof. Toncinich, starting just 30 years ago, is about marking the anniversary of the action of the Section. Erna Toncinich was a Rijeka painter and art historian, a student of Romola Venucci, whose art criticship was proclaimed by the leading Rijeka artist of the 20th century. Toncinich exhibited works of art on the exhibition for three hundred and was awarded with numerous awards. By the time of work and appearance, it was in Rijeka omnipresent, but very modest, which meant the reluctance to emphasize in the public space of the city, dedicating the whole life to the pedagogical activity, with an emphasis on acting in the Italian community.

The exhibition was opened by Ervin Dubrović, Director of the City Museum and Orietta Marot, the President of the Italian Community in Rijeka, and the work of two artists and ceramics section was discussed by the author of the exhibition Daina Glavočić.

As announced on that occasion, the collaboration between the Italian Community and the City Museum will continue in October, when the exhibition “Welcome From Rijeka / Un saluto da Fiume” will be held in the Museum. The intention of the project is to present the former Rijeka through the motifs stored in the Collection of Postcards of the Museum. The exhibition would present for the first time unpublished materials, which means postcards that were recently processed by museological standards and digitized. Author of the exhibition Greetings from Rijeka / Un saluto da Fiume is Marija Lazanja Dušević.

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