The fundraising of the Collection of Film and Theater Materials preserves the archival material on fragments from Rijeka’s history and donated valuable documentary material about the construction of today’s HNK Ivana pl. Zajc. Particularly interesting is the donated material from the Theater, which, thanks to the last donation in 2009, is a testament to the tradition of Rijeka’s theater life for more than two centuries. Namely, the entire content of the ornate lead tube is now preserved in the museum floor, which on October 3, 1885, the mayor Giovanni Ciotta symbolically laid the foundations of the newly constructed Teatro Comunale theater building. The content of the tube consists of the opening ceremony, the poster of Aide and Gioconda, the coinage, the facade photographs and the ground floor of the interior of the new theater building, as well as the precise construction report on 36 pages of handwritten text with the signature of the contractor and author of the conceptual solution of reputable Viennese architects Ferdinand Fellner and Herman Helmer.

In the collection of film and theater materials, there is also a part of the legacy of Drage Gervais – manuscripts, photographs, personal and family documents, journals, letters and intendant diary in the manuscript.

During the realization of the Willy exhibition on the Rijeka draftsman of the film posters, Vilij Stipanov, in 2008, 34 film posters were redeemed with his signature.

Items from Collection of Film and Theatre Material