The Musical Collection of the City Museum of Rijeka is one of the most complete, most attractive and systematically collected music collections that keeps attractive collections of musical instruments, pianos, radios, acoustic and electric gramophones produced in the period of almost a century and a half. The earliest music automats in the collection originated in 1870, the Polyphon musical instrument with the associated metal plates was produced in Germany ten years later, while the real revolution in music was created in 1878 by the invention of phonograph T.A. Edison, whose 1900 copy is kept in the basement. We also own one of the two oldest gramophone recorders with a small copper trumpet in the area of Croatia, inventors and producers of the gramophone and gramophone panels E. Berliner, exceptionally popular floral trumpet speakers, reputable manufacturers such as Columbia or Exelsior, portable gramophone recorders and so on. a gramophone cabinet housed in stylish cabinets and today renowned German companies Dual or Grundig. With acoustic and electric gramophone, we also preserve five hundred gramophone records, among which we point out very rare plates of coastal folk songs such as Marica Divojko, Dobrinje being a town on the boards of huts in Edison Bell electron. Particularly interesting are the seven gramophone records from a limited editions called Ethnophilia in the edition of Jugotona.

Items from Music Collection