The postcard collection was part of the Collection of Photographs by 2014 when it came to its excretion and the establishment of a separate collection. It consists of postcards ranging from the end of the 19th to the 60s of the twentieth century, ie from the period of their first appearance until the postcards that are used today. Their popularity owes to the expansive development of the 19th century photography and as a medium of communication in Europe appear in the seventies of the nineteenth century, just after 1869. Austro-Hungarian Monarchy introduces innovation: open letter without envelopes called Correspondence – . New postcards are photographed by photographs by Italian photographer Francesco Penca.

The World Postal Union adopted a 1906 Act that abolishes postcards / postcards that have their own address space on their turn; the act regulates how the postcard, or its revers should look like, which is the part for the text, and which for the address. Such standardization has made it easier to deliver and put the order in the postcard. Francesco Penca arrived in Rijeka in 1906 with the task of photographing Rijeka and Sušak for postcard printing purposes. This year is the record for the number of emigrants for the overseas territories, which pass through the port of Rijeka, and thus the opportunity for printing new standardized postcards for potential buyers has been noted.

Items from Postcard Collection