Photo of the first torpedo, dating back to 1866When a group of enthusiasts, “torpedoists”, met at the City Museum of Rijeka in 2007 in favourable circumstances, first torpedoes and their instruments, parts and tools started arriving.

This exhibition our first actual step towards a museum collection and the future museum of the industrial and technical heritage in Rijeka, which was mentioned a few times in the recent years, but only now it has been taken into serious consideration.

Our approach to torpedo research is based on fascination with technical achievements and particular progress in Rijeka at the end of the 19th and the beginning of the 20th century. Because of torpedo, Rijeka became known throughout the world.

Many technical innovations were introduced in the torpedo factory and many new instruments were invented and tested for the first time. No less fascinating is the fact that that early acoustic and aerodynamics research was conducted in this factory and that the breaking of the sound barrier was proven here.

The help for this exhibition came from many assistants of different profiles and interests and cooperative museums and other institutions.
We are very grateful to everyone who diligently and with great enthusiasm volunteered to make this exhibition happen.

Ervin Dubrović

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