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The Sugar Palace with its permanent exhibition also proved to be interesting for the Benčić Youth Council. Their fourth Cultural Passport workshop brought to the Palace students from the Centre for Education in Rijeka. After a tour of the permanent exhibition, through which they were introduced to the most significant topics from Rijeka’s history, all with adapted interactive guidance and in the company of museum pedagogue Josipa Verbanac, the practical part of the workshop followed, where sugar cones were made as smaller versions of the ones that once used to be produced in the Sugar Refinery, as can be seen in the permanent display. Each student made their own cones by hand, using small replicas of the original mold. What they made is now drying, and when that process is over, the students will take them home. Cones will be wrapped and tied with a rope, just the way they were once packed for delivery to customers at the plant in Brajda. At the workshop, students learned more names for that product, used in various environments, and also practiced fine motor skills. In fact, they connected the knowledge from their professions (assistant chefs-pastry chefs and florists) with information about the production and use of sugar and the cultivation of sugar cane. The end of the workshop was the recording of personal impressions on the pages of the Cultural Passport. The Cultural Passport project was financially supported by the Ministry of Culture and Media.

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