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Someone has already said – life is a serious matter that should be approached in a less serious way. If ever that was true, then it was true yesterday, on the first of April. Yesterday we launched the news about the extraordinary discovery of an unknown painting by Gustav Klimt in the Museum, counting on the fact that there would always be those who would not guess at first that it is an international joke day, and those who would, but would still have a good laugh.

Whichever group you find yourself in, it’s good. The museum thanks everyone who called us all day yesterday and congratulated us on the great discovery. True, there are still such people today. I guess they wake up a little slower. The director’s phone didn’t stop ringing, on the other side were busy media workers. Special thanks on behalf of our technician Mateo Matijević, “most deserving” of the discovery of Klimt’s new painting, who in the eyes of many became the hero of the day, and the congratulations do not stop pouring in. He deserved it, we envy him. I hope the rest of us at the Museum will also be so lucky some day.

What’s next for us after 1st April? Today, 2nd April, 2021, the museums in our country were closed on account of the viral epidemic. We already know, the next two weeks are crucial in this regard. It’s not a joke. And that’s why laughter is more important to us than ever.

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