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StartThursday, 03.10.2019.
EndSunday, 03.11.2019.

The exhibition of Bruno Paladin, the famous painter of Rijeka, brings together two seemingly incompatible logics, the artistic and technical ones. An important part of his works this time exhibited at the City Museum of Rijeka are his homage to the torpedo, a device invented in Rijeka, which has become a symbol of the city’s industrial era. Paladin is primarily interested in its technical details. Now it features a small part of a torpedo tube, then a detail of its engine that, with the skillful hand of an artist, becomes an intertwined set of precisely drawn threads, an abstract and at the same time geometric construction of unusual aesthetics. The projectile thus becomes the subject of a graphic map that dissects it so that it loses its own destructive power and becomes a template for ingenious design, thus making a step into the artistic process. At the same time, the world-famous war invention becomes a lively art experiment with a complex steel structure being replaced by an impressive black-and-white graphic interweaving.
In addition to the part of the exhibition dedicated to the torpedo, Paladin’s exhibition step at the City Museum also brings a brief retrospective of the last thirty years of the artist’s work. The selected works once again confirm the unusual range of Paladin’s interests and working skills in a variety of media. The combination of creativity and high craftsmanship result in excellent reliefs in glass, wood and metal, numerous graphics, works in ceramics and sculptures. Some of these works are presented to the public for the first time in this exhibition. The curator of the exhibition is Emma Makarun.

The exhibition is organized in cooperation with the Italian Community of Rijeka / Comunità degli Italiani di Fiume.

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