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Despite the summer temperatures and the new impact of the viral epidemic, the works in the Sugar Refinery Palace are nearing completion. In all rooms where it was planned, parquet flooring has been installed, as well as carpentry, locksmithing has been done, and the same applies to house painting works. An epoxy resin floor has been installed in the future museum depot. A sprinkler pool has been built to collect water to extinguish possible fires. In the second half of July, the final details will be completed both on the facade of the building and inside. In a few days, the building equipping will be agreed, concerning the works that follow the construction. It is expected for everything that can be completed in the palace to be actually completed by 1st August. There will follow some remaining interventions that are in charge of another contractor. These interventions refer to the entrance to the building, the internal staircase and the installation of a wheelchair ramp for the disabled.

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