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Police officers from Interpol and Europol recently entered the City Museum of Rijeka, however, they were off duty. Their trip proved to be more than successful, they found in the Museum exactly what they were looking for.
Luckily, which is not always the case in their work, it was a group of police negotiators who visited the City Museum to both parties’ satisfaction. They did so in conjunction with a multi-day international seminar for police negotiators, held in mid-September in Valbandon, organised by the Croatian Special Police Command. Alongside local representatives, the seminar was also attended by police negotiators from France, Germany, Italy, Slovenia, Britain and most other European countries. The seminar in Valbandon has been organised in recent years as a regular form of education for this type of police employee and this year’s news is that it was attended for the first time by negotiators from the USA.
Putting a visit to the exhibition Rijeka Torpedo – the First in the World in the educational programme, a group of almost 30 seminar participants arrived at the City Museum on 12th September. They were guided through the exhibition space in Žabica by museum associate and torpedo expert Goran Pernjek. The negotiators from Interpol and Europol enjoyed the exhibition for almost two hours.

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