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StartThursday, 06.09.2018.
EndSunday, 07.10.2018.

The exhibition Female Photographers out of Their Homeland is an exhibition of photography and video that connects nine female authors, very different in approach and design of photographic expression. Their essential link is that they had left their homeland for education and family reasons, and their understanding of the new environment is clearly reflected in the selection of works for this exhibition. Unlike the focus of the mass media on migrations related to warlike and political circumstances, and therefore initiated by violence and the need to save lives, these authors had left their homeland of their own free will, following intimate emotions and / or seeking knowledge, respect and better position in society. The authors speak about themselves and their works in order to make us understand most directly the connection between their life stories and the author’s responses to situations in the new environments they find themselves in. Their stories by their closeness transcend the aesthetic and technological quality. The exhibition is organized in cooperation with the Photo Club Rijeka and CVU Batana of Rovinj, as part of the Rijeka Festival of Photography.

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