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StartThursday, 18.10.2018.
EndSunday, 16.12.2018.

The collection of postcards is of special importance for the City Museum of Rijeka. The structure of the collection is represented by representative postcards on which the history of the city, especially its urban development, can be read in the form of photographs, panoramas, symbols and attributes. The exhibition is designed taking into account the historical contexts of Rijeka in different periods and under different political regimes. The design of the exhibition is based on several basic stages of the late 19th and first half of the 20th century. Part of the exhibition would also be dedicated to the texts of postcards that offer the follow-up of the development of the city, changes in the population and life habits of Rijeka citizens throughout the time. Along with the exhibition, an educational workshop Send me a postcard is organized, aiming at introducing children to the once very popular way of sending a postcard, with the purpose not only of a tourist souvenir, but also of communicating in the form similar to a concise letter.

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