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StartFriday, 28.12.2018.
EndThursday, 28.02.2019.

Mauro Stipanov comes from a fiumano family that is a kind of city phenomenon – his grandfather was a painter, as well as his father and uncle. He himself has been present in the artistic life of Rijeka for half a century. This is evidenced by numerous exhibitions in which he presented himself as the author of a lasting inclination to experiments with colour and form. The new exhibition brings an unexposed cycle of Rijeka scenes painted over a period of 45 years. Here, Stipanov does not hide his closeness to certain parts of the city, such as the Kozala skyscrapers, the main breakwater, Školjić, the Trsat stairs, the wharfside, etc. Stipanov does not paint only what he considers important and beautiful, but is also not ashamed of the ugly and dilapidated. On the contrary, he sees a sad charm in the traces of the decay of certain parts of the city’s fabric, which he transforms with his experienced hand into artistic curiosity. After the exhibition, the exhibited pieces of art will be donated to, and in part purchased by, the City Museum to enrich its collection of paintings. The exhibition catalogue is available in bilingual edition, Croatian-Italian.

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