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StartThursday, 25.10.2018.
EndSunday, 25.11.2018.

The photographic opus of the anthological Croatian photographer Tošo Dabac is rich and diverse. Scenes from Zagreb life captured by his lens are today known to the widest circle of the local cultural public, while part of the works with scenes captured by the camera eye in other Croatian environments has remained a bit unknown to a part of the public. This is one more reason for setting up an exhibition in the City Museum of photographs taken in Croatian exteriors by Dabac’s masterful hand. The exhibition features 40 photographs that arrived at the Museum from the collection of the Viennese collector Milan Krivda, the collection of Gerald Ebinger and the Tošo Dabac Archives – Museum of Contemporary Art – City of Zagreb. The photos show lesser-known scenes taken in Šibenik, Opatija, Korčula, Split, Rovinj, Primošten, Herzegovina, Gorski Kotar and elsewhere.

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