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Today, 14th July, is Gustav Klimt’s birthday. Today, 14th July 2020, was set for opening the exhibition “Unknown Klimt – Love, Death, Ecstasy” in the renovated building of the City Museum at the R. Zanella Square. Unfortunately, due to the epidemic that started a few months ago, we had to postpone the opening for some happier occasion. Despite the enormous organizational effort and financial resources. We believe, and so we are preparing, that the opportunity will reappear in 2021, moreover, that we will be able to present an exhibition dedicated to the work of the Klimt brothers and their friend Franz Matsch in the renovated palace of the former Sugar Refinery. One spectacular event, the one concerning the renovated palace, will thus be added to another spectacle, bearing the painter’s signature of the Klimt brothers. The new space and new circumstances bring a slightly changed form and content of the exhibition compared to the original concept. The basic concept is not deviated from, the emphasis is still on the nine paintings by these three painters, made for the HNK Ivan pl. Zajc in Rijeka. Their work is approached by focusing on the motif of a woman as an inexhaustible source of inspiration for both the young and the mature Gustav Klimt. An extensive bilingual catalogue prepared by several authors from Croatia, Austria and Romania will be published as part of the exhibition. Among them are some of the greatest connoisseurs of the early Klimt’s opus. The exhibition will also be rich in multimedia content.

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