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StartTuesday, 12.03.2019.
EndSunday, 31.03.2019.

The industrial heritage of Sisak is one of the most impressive in Croatia, and the exhibition dedicated to it arrives at the City Museum of Rijeka thanks to the cooperation with the City Museum of Sisak and the Photo Gallery Siscia Obscura of Sisak. The Sisak heritage is presented by a historical and thematic review authored by Vlatko Čakširan, ScM, director of the Sisak City Museum, and the achievements of four Croatian photographers – Stanko Abadžić, Damir Matijević, Janko Belaj and Miroslav Arbutina. The works of these photographers have been placed in an entirely new environment. Their experience in street photography, nudes, advertising and documentary photography is confronted with dark spaces of industrial halls. The exhibition consequently combines the historical story of the development of Sisak and its industry with an artistic approach that asserts the current situation. This seeks to sensitize the public to the topic and encourage thinking about industrial heritage as a development generator of Sisak. The exhibition is also an example to other environments of the way to stimulate discussion about heritage as a development potential.

The organization of the exhibition was joined by the Association for the Promotion and Preservation of Industrial Heritage of Rijeka Pro Torpedo and the Centre for Industrial Heritage Rijeka.

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