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On the occasion of the end of his stay at the Kamov art residence in Rijeka, the Dutch painter Joost de Jonge presented his own collection of paintings created in Rijeka to the press on 6th October, 2022. De Jonge got a painting workspace in an improvised studio in the Sugar Palace. With the collection he called “Cognitive Meandering” he wanted to examine the depth of the sensory experience of a work of art, beyond the moment in which it is created. The public will get the opportunity to see De Jonge’s works in 2023, at an exhibition in the City Museum of Rijeka. This will be the continuation of the Museum’s series of art exhibitions related to Rijeka’s history and Rijeka’s views, whose latest exhibited authors were Bruno Paladin and Mauro Stipanov. De Jonge had already stayed in Rijeka on several occasions, which is clearly stimulating for him. At first, he used objects from the Museum holdings to realize photographic concepts that go beyond the starting objects.      In the phase that followed, he started to make richly coloured paintings. Although abstract, they are based on the Rijeka paintings by Gustav Klimt. The expression “painting” in de Jonge’s world may not be the most appropriate as his large-format painted canvases will be joined by several objects from Museum collections to create artistic installations with multiple-layered meanings. The works will eventually be donated to the City Museum.

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