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StartČetvrtak, 09.03.2017.
EndSrijeda, 05.04.2017.

Fotografije iz zbirke Milana Krivde

Milan Krivda, a collectionist originally from Donji Miholjac, is in possession, among others, of a series of Lupino’s photographs from the time he worked in New York.

Thirty black-and-white photographs, taken between 1984 and 1995, testify to Lupino’s photographic rise and the most intense years of his work when he replaced the job of a model with a photographic one.

At first, Lupino was a successful athlete, the champion of Croatia and Yugoslavia in karate. Working for a while as a bodyguard, he got to know the fashion and film world well, as well as the life of New York nightclubs and bars. He experienced the limelight as well as the dark side of Manhattan, as evidenced by his photographs from that time.

In addition to the photographs, the exhibition at the City Museum will also feature his sculptures – objects that have particularly fascinated him for years.

Pieces that completely stand out from the photographic work represent a peculiar clip from his latest opus. A thorough insight can be gained through the accompanying video projection.

Along with photographs of the New York cycle taken at the beginning of Lupino’s work, sculptures – objects form a kind of counterpoint, framing in a way the thirty years of fruitful and successful creative work of one of the most famous Croatian photographers and artists.

This exhibition is quite different from his first exhibition at the City Museum of Rijeka held in November 2008. At that time, Lupino presented a selection from the entire photographic opus in which the most recent works were dedicated to sick children, whom he had photographed very impressively, with empathy and understanding.

However, even in the previous exhibition, his New York works were dominant. The fact remains that for Lupino’s decades-long opus, it is precisely those pieces that make the complete whole with which he has especially imposed and glorified himself.

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Muzej Grada Rijeke·

Muzej Grada Rijeke·

Muzej Grada Rijeke·

Muzej Grada Rijeke·

Muzej Grada Rijeke·

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