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Nine paintings that will be shown at the exhibition “Unknown Klimt – Love, Death, Ecstasy” in the City Museum of Rijeka were handed over to the Museum today by the restorers. The paintings were delivered by a special van to the Sugar Palace, where they will soon be exhibited. They consist of the works of three Viennese artists, the brothers Gustav and Ernst Klimt and their associate and friend Franz Matsch, painted to decorate the interior of the present Croatian National Theatre „Ivan pl. Zajc“ in Rijeka in 1885. The three first delivered paintings to the Palace were by Ernst Klimt,  which arrived there directly from Zagreb, where they were restored with the Easel Painting Department of the Croatian Restoration Institute. After the procedure was completed, the Department waited for an opportune moment for the equipment in Rijeka, which turned out to be in the final phase of organizational preparations for the exhibition. The vehicle then headed towards the Rijeka department of the Croatian Restoration Institute, to pick up six paintings that were restored at that institution. These were the works by Gustav Klimt and Frantz Matsch.

The excitement upon the arrival of the vehicles with the first three, then with the other six works in front of the Palace, could be felt not only among the museum staff. The media representatives knew that for them it was a spectacular moment that had to be captured by photography and video camera. If we recall the opinions that this is the largest exhibition ever organized in Rijeka, such a reaction is understandable. Moreover, the excitement in the air was also felt by passers-by on the street, who stopped and watched with great interest the unexpected event for them.

Once brought to the Palace, the paintings were stored in the museum depot and unpacked. They will be placed at the exhibition sites immediately before the opening of the exhibition. It was supposed to be opened on 20th April, but due to the closure of the museum as part of anti-epidemic measures, which currently lasts until 26th April, that date was postponed until the date yet unknown.

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