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StartThursday, 15.11.2018.08:00
EndThursday, 15.11.2018.23:00

The book dedicated to the architect Vladimir Grubešić brings a series of his reflections on today’s architectural thought and practice, including insider insights into some of the key points of his own work. Alongside them are views on Grubešić’s work from the pens of architectural connoisseurs such as Vanda Ekl, Milan Zinaić, Ervin Dubrović and others. The book is all the more interesting to the Rijeka public because Grubešić proved to be a builder with a special interest in the complex tasks dealing with the interventions in Rijeka’s city centre. They are mostly large office premises, as evidenced by the examples of buildings of Jadroagent, Delta, Jadrošped and Jugolinija. Grubešić is the winner of the City of Rijeka Award for Architecture for 1987.

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