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The Sugar Refinery Palace is counting the last days until the moment that the people of Rijeka expect with curiosity and excitement, that is the completion of the internal and most of external construction works. One of the key news is the completion of works on the Marble Hall flooring. Let us recall, a new terrazzo flooring had been laid before the outbreak of the corona epidemic. Since the contractor was from Italy, which meant that the workers could not enter Croatia, the work had to be temporarily suspended. As the epidemic subdued, the work was resumed early in June. The terrazzo of the Marble Hall was completely sanded after ten days of work, and it got its final look. In addition, all the fifteen sliding glass walls have been installed in the palace. The restorers didn’t waste their time either, as confirmed by the view of the hall with views, where the wall paintings, including stucco, have been restored, as well as the view of the adjacent hall with paintings in blue frames. The works are intensively going on in the hall with panoramas of the cities. The palace with its almost completely finished exterior stands out from the construction site, which is yet another visual signal that there is really little left until the opening of the building for the public.

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