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Despite the fact that rougher construction works are taking place around them, which include larger construction machines and many workers, with all the not very pleasant consequences for them, the restorers of the Ministry of Culture continue their delicate work in the Sugar Refinery Palace. A good example of the focused work is what can be seen in the hall decorated with views. It is a part of the interior completely covered with wall paintings depicting an imaginary city and relief decorations. The revage of time did its work there, too. The walls had been repainted several times throughout history, to the detriment of what was under the new layers of paint, and the space was smoked, which meant that smoke ingredients were deposited on the wall paintings, so today we need to restore freshness to the works of yesterday’s masters and artists. Judging by what can be seen at the moment, once the restoration work is completed, visitors to the hall will really have the opportunity to enjoy another spectacular part of the interior of the Baroque building, which will soon become the seat of the City Museum of Rijeka.

Poveznica / dugmePoveznica / dugme
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