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The bienniale of the most successful works of Croatian design has been organized at a regularly for the past 20 years. The "round" figure usually encourages reflecting back, a view that would focus on the jubilee reduction of what has been done, both in the field of design and in the field of exposed insights.

In good hands, design is a living medium. Its creativity continues to develop unencumbered by jubilee reflections. Guided by this thought, the current exhibition encompasses what was done during 2019 and 2020, which is different from previous periods. This primarily refers to the pandemic circumstances, which changed our lives, so they had to adapt in the field of design. The focus this time is on networking and web tools. The exhibition includes works created in several categories. These categories are: Visual Communication Design, Spatial and Graphic Interventions and Systems, Packaging Design, Industrial / Product Design, Digital Media Design / Interaction Design, Complete Product, Concept / Initiative / Critical Design, and Fashion and Clothing Design.

Exhibition duration: June 24 – September 5, 2021

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