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The Unknown Klimt – Love, Death, Ecstasy exhibition at the City Museum of Rijeka began on 20th April with an opening only for the media, in line with the then anti-epidemic measures. After the measures were changed, the exhibition was also opened to the public, which brought a large number of visitors to the Sugar Palace where Unknown Klimt was set up.
The peak was recorded this summer when the tourist season again assumed pre-epidemic measures, and foreign guests reacted well to the claim about the international interest in Rijeka’s Klimt. During June, the exhibition was visited by 731 visitors – in a joint package with the permanent exhibition about the history of Rijeka in the same building. July confirmed that the tourist wheel was accelerating, and Unknown Klimt was seen by 1,476 visitors. August saw the peak with 1,936 visitors. The exhibition was seen by 4,173 visitors in total in the three summer months.
The numbers would surely have been even higher had it not been for this year’s extreme temperatures, which reduced the will to walk around the city and tour its cultural spots. In the days of the highest temperatures, the visits to the Museum fell as expected and grew during the more normal weather. This is confirmed by the fact that a record daily number of visitors was recorded after the end of the hottest period, in the second half of August. And so on 17th August Unknown Klimt was seen by 214 visitors. Amongst the foreign tourists, the exhibition was visited mostly by Germans, Dutch and Austrians, followed by Italians. No matter how much promotional material about the current exhibitions were placed on the museum counters, it disappeared into their hands just as fast.

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