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The exhibition Unknown Klimt – Love, Death, Ecstasy is accompanied by a rich catalogue dedicated to the life and work of the three artists whose works can be seen on the second floor of the Sugar Palace. Of course, the focus is on the greatest of these three Viennese painters whose canvases were made to adorn the vault of Rijeka’s Croatian National Theatre Ivan pl. Zajc, Gustav Klimt. The catalogue features the texts of fifteen leading national and international connoisseurs of Gustav Klimt’s work. They are: Domagoj Marić, Gerhard Dienes, Makrus Fellinger, Narcis Dorin Ion, Otmar Rychlik, Ervin Dubrović, Nana Palinić, Marian Bisanz-Prakken, Irena Kraševa, Deborah Pustišek Antić, Ana Rušin Bulić, Slobodan Radić, Rene Schober and Peter Weinhaupfel. The emphasis of the catalogue is on Klimt’s earlier artistic phase, which means that the texts speak mostly about the influences of his creative beginnings on the Secession coup that followed the Rijeka venture. The publication has 235 pages, is richly illustrated and is currently available in the Croatian language. An English language version is in production. The illustrations do not only depict the Rijeka works but also works that show the influences of predecessors and contemporaries on the stylistic development of the most famous of the three painters who decorated the vault of the Rijeka theatre in 1885. The editor of the catalogue is Deborah Pustišek Antić, whilst the graphic design is by Klaudio Cetina.

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