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As can be seen from the view of the museum area, where the exhibition “The Unknown Klimt – Love, Death, Ecstasy” will be opened in the second part of April, the preparatory works for that event have entered the final phase. The unreasonable decision to close Rijeka’s cultural institutions, which discriminates against them in relation to shopping centers and church premises, did not stop the work at the Museum. The carpentry construction required for the scenographic solution of the exhibition, as conceived by its designer Klaudio Cetina, is getting bigger and stronger every day. Ultimately, everything will visually refer to the theatre scenography, i.e. to the exciting glamour to which the paintings of Gustav and Ernst Klimt and their collaborator Franz Matsch belong and of which they radiate. This may be just a guess at this stage of the carpentry work, but for now, that’s how it should be. The majesty of the wooden cube that grows in the Ceremonial Hall of the Sugar Palace and the mystery evoked by the structure that extends to other parts of the exhibition space indicate that we await the completion of the works with full confidence in their contractors.

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