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The exhibition “Fashion and Comics”, which is organized in the City Museum on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the founding of the French Institute at the University of Zagreb, has been installed. Not yet open, given the current closure of the city’s cultural institutions for visitors. In order to at least somewhat alleviate the consequences of this closure, a video of the exhibition will be prepared to be viewed on digital platforms. It cannot replace a “live” visit, but it is better than nothing. Since the exhibition remains in the Museum until the middle of June, hopefully the doors of cultural institutions will open until then, which will also bring the possibility of a personal visit to the museum. Until then, let us remember how the exhibits arrived from the Comics Museum in Angouleme, unique in Europe. These are illustrations, clothes, shoes, perfumes and various publications. The links between fashion and comics are direct, it was often created under the influence of comic book heroines and heroes. Just think of Corto Maltese’s cap and earrings, Modesty Blaise’s black sets, Valentina’s bangs and others. Comics are a medium from which fashion designers have drown inspiration, and film also played its role in this connection.

The exhibition remains until 16th June, in the “cube”, the building at the R. Zanella Square 1. It was organized in cooperation with the Rijeka 2020 Association, which in turn collaborated with the French Institute and the Museum of Arts and Crafts to organize the event.

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