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The first year of its work as a museum building was marked on 12th November in the Sugar Palace with a gathering of representatives from the media, Rijeka’s cultural institutions and friends of the City Museum of Rijeka. As it was pointed out on this occasion, this has been the largest investment in culture in the Republic of Croatia since independence. The Palace was opened in the year when Rijeka held the title of European Capital of Culture. Over this year, visitors did not stop admiring the building, as well as the Museum’s first permanent exhibition about the history of Rijeka. The preparation and realisation of a permanent exhibition are big events for every museum, and an exhibition has been established that fellow citizens and guests to the city have not stopped visiting. The periodic exhibitions in the Palace have also attracted the attention of the public. The nucleus of the interpretive centre of Glagolitic printing has also found a temporary home here. Inside have been organised press conferences, workshops for children, presentations of books and catalogues, as well as musical films and scientific conferences. The rise in the numbers of visitors is clear – in 2021 we started in January with 1,124 visitors, and recently finished in October with 2,185 visitors. The Palace was visited by more than 16,000 visitors in its first year of being open.

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