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Rijeka will soon inaugurate the Museum of Pharmacy, thanks to the cooperation of the Adriatic Galenic Laboratory and the City of Rijeka, in partnership with the City Museum. Its doors will be opened in Užarska Street at the end of September. As it was pointed out at the press conference on 5th June in JGL, the space is currently being arranged. Part of the museum holdings has already been collected, and it is assumed that more material is yet to be found in private collections in Rijeka. Evidence of the beginnings of pharmacy in the city dates back to 1437, when records were made of a pharmacist named Antonio Pertusan, who came from Venice to Rijeka and rented a pharmacy at one of the town squares. The heritage that will now be given a place in the Museum of Pharmacy refers to inventory such as utensils, dishes, scales and the like, and also to written archival documents. The City Museum of Rijeka supported the initiative to establish the Museum of Pharmacy in the process of creating and cataloging the permanent exhibition of the Museum of Pharmacy, also by donating items from its collection on the municipal pharmaceutical company Alga.

Those interested can contact Brigita Živanović (mob: 098 629599, e-mail: to donate, lend or sell the material to the Museum of Pharmacy.

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