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For half a century, Božić has been trying to uncover the secret of the image, in this case photographic. He took his first photograph in the spring of 1971 and over the past 50 years, he has gone through a variety of experiments, chemistry and alchemy. And he has not figured out the secret that is hidden in the dark space of the analogue or digital “boxes.” Everything that is in the darkness or emerges from the darkness is a secret and should be revealed.

This exhibition is a tribute to this secret and the uncertainty of its discovery. It is not retrospective, yet works will be exhibited that were created in 2021. There are analogue and digital photographs, alternative photographic processes and many experiments. Uncertainty is a constant companion of the mystery of Borislav Božić’s photographic work because he uses expired photographic materials in analogous procedures and because he makes his cameras, his camera obscura, himself mostly from cardboard.

Božić was the winner of the City of Rijeka Award in 2017. In 2019, he won the Tošo Dabac Award for photographic creativity. He is a member of the Arts Council of the Croatian Association of Visual Artists Rijeka, president of the Fotoklub Rijeka and the Photo Association of Primorje-Gorski Kotar County.

The exhibition is set up in two locations – in the Kockica (Cube) of the City Museum of Rijeka and at the Principij Gallery. It runs from 9th December 2021 until 11th January 2022.

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