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For their 37th birthday, the vocal group Putokazi premiered the omnibus “Meandri” in the Sugar Palace, thereby promoting the city’s new cultural space as a place for “live” events. It is about the film version of the music album “Meandri”, the last discography of Putokazi. The omnibus was shown on 20th February in the Ceremonial Hall, after it was filmed in numerous Kvarner locations, including Rijeka, the Rječina canyon and Istria. It is written by Gea Rajić, lyrically and experimentally following the musical journey of Putokazi through that part of life that we know as transience and death. Although it should not be reduced to the current epidemiological situation centered on the covid virus (the album was released to the public before the epidemic), the topic established an unexpectedly strong link with the moment. During the 40-minute audio-visual presentation of the omnibus, the east wall of the Ceremonial Hall served as a film screen, offering a new reading of the  event potential of the space.

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