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StartTuesday, 19.03.2019.00:00
EndWednesday, 27.03.2019.00:00

Set as part of the city’s programme to mark the 300th anniversary of the proclamation of Rijeka as a free royal port, the exhibition by Rafaela Ban from the City Museum of Rijeka shows key moments from the two thousand years old history of the coastal and maritime city developed by the mouth of river Rječina. The focus is on the connection between the city and its port, which has determined its growth and development from its beginnings to the present day. The intensity of the bonds linking the city to the port has changed throughout history, recording its ups and downs, but the continuity of interdependence has never been questioned. The exhibition set up on Korzo Street provides an insight into particularly important documents, illustrations of important moments, and photographic testimonies of important chapters from the history of the port of Rijeka.

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