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The public’s interest in the exhibition Unknown Klimt – Love, Death, Ecstasy at the City Museum of Rijeka continues. Moreover, the visit to the exhibitions at the height of the tourist season is reaching record numbers, largely thanks to foreign guests to Rijeka and the Rijeka region. If before the issuance of COVID passports and the movement of tourists towards the Adriatic coast, the exhibition was visited by up to 100 visitors a day, the numbers these days are higher and climb up to 200 visitors a day. At the same time, it is worth taking into consideration the very high temperatures outside, which are not conducive to leaving the beaches to visit museums and similar institutions. The unknown works of Gustav Klimt, together with the works of his brother Ernst and their friend Franz Matsch, undoubtedly have their audience. Of course, it is worth remembering that a visit to the Unknown Klimt exhibition is part of a visit to the museum’s permanent exhibition, dedicated to the history of Rijeka, so part of the credit for this year’s increase in numbers probably goes to the permanent exhibition too. Yet perhaps the two current exhibitions in the Palace, the one about Klimt and the other about the city’s history, should not be considered separately in numbers – well, isn’t the story of the Klimt brothers and their painter friend Matsch part of the story of Rijeka and its intriguing past too?

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