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July 16 - August 20, 2018
Venue: Rijeka Museum, Museum Square 1/1

The visiting exhibition of the Academy of Applied Arts from Novi Sad now brings selected works from the World Biennial of Student Photography. The Novi Sad Biennial of Photography is organized in that city alternately with the World Biennial of Student Posters, and in recent years the Rijeka Museum has regularly presented the most successful works from both events. The most recent Biennial is attended counts two hundred participating authors from different parts of the world, from Ukraine, Japan, Serbia, Poland, USA, Greece, Mexico, Iran, Spain, the Czech Republic, Bangladesh, Venezuela and Slovakia. The works were created as part of students’ regular course activities. The intention of the organizers of the event is to give impetus to the additional affirmation of the photographic medium and to present the best achievements of students. On such a trail, the exhibition at the City Museum presents the local public with over 60 photographic achievements, diverse thematically and with diverse approach.

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