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Step by step, the palace of the Sugar Refinery has been changing its face and it has really moved forward in the process. This applies not only to the external parts of the building, visible to any passing eye after the removal of part of the scaffolding, but also to the interior of the building.

A report from the construction site says that part of the work on the interior has been completed, despite the difficulties brought along by the viral epidemic in the last two or three months. The palace has been provided with all entrance doors, locksmithing has been completed, and both elevators installed, which means one for the freight and the other for visitors and/or the Museum staff. Ceramic tiles and indoor plumbing works have been completed in the sanitary units, and the first floor spaces have been covered with new parquet flooring.

The final works related to the installation of parquet in other parts of the building are in progress. Also, the installation of wooden joinery, which primarily refers to the interior doors, 70 percent of which have already been mounted where required. Painting and stone work are carried out in parallel. On the west side of the building, the facade work is about to be finished. The interventions on the fire-fighting system are also in progress, i.e. the evacuation staircase is being completed.

The interior staircase of the palace is now on the agenda and most of the work that will restore its former splendour is currently underway.

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