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StartThursday, 09.05.2019.
EndSunday, 27.10.2019.

The exhibition Torpedo – Erfindung einer Waffe (Torpedo – Invention of a Weapon ) has opened in Rostock in cooperation of the City Museum of Rijeka and the Museum of Shipbuilding and Maritime Heritage (Schiffbau und Schifffahrtsmusem). The Rostock Museum is a ship-museum, the largest of its kind in Germany. Respecting its space requirements, the emphasis of the exhibition is placed on key pieces of information about the historical development of torpedoes, ranging from the first model of 1860s and following the sequence of events until the 1960s, more or less a hundred years of Rijeka’s production of this military machine. Comprised within the Technical Collection of the Museum of Rijeka presented to German visitor, there is a replica of Giovanni Luppis’ 1860 prototype of the „Coast Guard“, in addition to parts of the mechanism of historical torpedo specimens, gyroscopes built into the projectile to control its trajectory, as well as photographs and documents on the development of torpedo. Apart from the City Museum of Rijeka, there are also the Croatian Maritime Museum of Split and the Nikola Tesla Technical Museum of Zagreb taking part in the exhibition with several items from their collection.

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