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We join the positive news regarding the coronavirus epidemic with information about the reopening of the exhibition Rijeka Torpedo – the First in the World. As it was known before the epidemic, the exhibition in the warehouse premises at Žabica can be visited in groups (five people or more), provided previous appointment. The new moment refers to the sanitary measures to be respected that are aimed at protecting both visitors and employees of the Museum. The exhibition space is quite large, covering almost a thousand square meters, thus allowing the necessary distance between individuals. However, even in such circumstances, it is necessary to act in accordance with epidemiological protective measures. Visitors are required to wear their own protective masks covering their mouths and noses, maintain a distance of at least two meters from other people, and disinfect their hands at the entrance to the space with the means provided by the Museum.

Visitors are requested not to touch any surfaces that are not intended for touching and to take care to prepare the exact amount of money for the purchase of tickets, in order for any physical contacts between employees and visitors to be minimized.

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