Collection of Numismatics, Bonds, Medals and Decorations profiled according to the criteria of the Rijeka characteristics, money and medals with the city name, coat of arms or stamp. The museum has rare specimens of novice curiozum, real Rijeka communal money, quarantine, whose golden broach was issued in 2007. The largest historical economic growth of Rijeka at the end of the 19th and early 20th centuries, followed by the social, cultural and political liveliness of the city, resulted in monetary and fiscal dynamics, increase in the number of banks, joint stock companies and financial operations in securities – stocks, bonds, bonds, bills of exchange.

Today, the City Museum of Rijeka has fifty-one examples or most of the famous Rijeka-Duhan Securities from 1882 to 1941. Except in Rijeka and Sušak, they were designed and printed in the famous prints of Budapest, Trieste, Milan, and Zagreb. Among the securities, the number of Banks and Savings for Primorje in Sušak and of Rijeka and Dried Shipbuilding and Construction companies prevails. Each of these shares carries symbols and other features of the city – coat of arms, name, stamp, signatures of businessmen, sometimes mayors, as well as the currency that was the official payment instrument of a particular period. Most of the shares are printed bilingually, trilateral, rare and quadruple, depending on the composition of the shareholders and the administrative-political affiliation of Rijeka and Sušak and the associated branches of the economy and industry in the joint stock companies.

Items from the collection of numismatics