The collection of photographs consists of several thousand photographs and negatives from the middle of the 19th century to the present day. The criteria for collecting photographs and postcards are quality, production technique and documentary value. The majority of them are black-and-white and brown-toned photographs, while postcards are equally represented by black-and-white, brown, grey and green toned photographs, and coloured ones. Thematically, they can be classified into the political, military, economic, educational, sports and cultural history of Rijeka and its immediate surroundings. In addition to portraits of men, women and children, as well as group portraits of school classes, armies, celebrations and political gatherings, there are photographs of outdoor motifs, panoramas and parts of the city, public buildings and structures, and scenes from everyday life. Mass photographing outside the studio took on great proportions with the appearance of first postcards, illustrated tour guides and brochures. Some of the foreign photographic studios in Rijeka collaborated with domestic postcard publishers for whom they shot motifs upon order.

One of the most valuable items kept in the collection holdings is a daguerreotype from 1848 (author unknown, Anton and Alfred Von Vallentsits, 10.2 × 7.3 cm). The daguerreotype originated in Vienna at the time of revolution and resistance to Metternich.

Collection manager: Sabrina Žigo

Items from the Photo Collection