The technical collection saw its beginnings in 2007. Thanks to the efforts of a few enthusiasts and the kindness and understanding of the Croatian Navy Command, we were able to collect several torpedoes and torpedo parts. The originator of this “miracle” of technology, the first Rijeka torpedo, was the retired captain of the frigate of the Austro-Hungarian Navy Giovanni Luppis, born in Rijeka in 1814. His idea was to construct a vessel guided from the mainland (salvacoste), powered by sails, loaded with explosives, and provided with an igniter on the bow that would cause an explosion in a collision with an enemy ship. The Englishman Robert Whitehead, manager of the Stabilimento tecnico factory in Rijeka, perfected Luppis’ device and produced the world’s first torpedo. All the major maritime countries that maintained navy forces armed their ships with the new and very effective weapon to fight at sea. It is the production of that highly sophisticated weapon, in addition to numerous technical inventions that have ranked the Rijeka factory among the leading industries in the Monarchy and beyond.

The torpedo factory in Rijeka employed the best workers, mechanics and engineers, who patented numerous inventions: a drive with two oppositely rotating propellers, which eliminated the possibility of rotating the entire torpedo along the longitudinal axis, a 200 Pa compressed air tank, a significantly improved gyroscope that allowed the torpedo to be guided in the direction. The Rijeka Torpedo Factory produced and improved launch tubes for surface and underwater launches as well as for launches from aircraft.

The Museum has received donations from Rijekakino containing three of the oldest electric bulbs preserved in the County, dating back to the beginning of the 20th century, while Mr. Engel from Zagreb has donated 11 items of ship equipment.

Collection manager: Deborah Pustišek Antić

Items from the technical collection