Why the walkway?

One of the integral elements of Tourism Valorization of the Representative Monuments of Rijeka’s Industrial Heritage project is the creation of the new urban, cultural and tourist route – the Walkway. It will comprise relevant sites from the story of the industrial and maritime heritage of Rijeka. So far, these sites have not been appropriately marked for tourist purposes. This is why they do not attract significant tourist attention, nor are the given an adequate role in the promotion of the town.

The two-and-a-half-kilometer long walkway is located in the very center of the town. It consists of the following landmarks: the Sugar Refinery Palace, the City of Rijeka Museum, permanent exhibition of torpedo missiles / railway warehouses, the Capuchin church / the unfinished lighthouse, Ploech Palace, the building of the Port Authority, bunker / the monument to Carpathia, Jadran palace, Marina ship, Rinaldi palace, monument to a sailor and seafaring, a stone roller in Hartera paper factory, Calm Sea and Fair Winds installation, Wave sculpture, fish market, port cranes / main pier, ships Galeb and Uragan and Whitehead’s street Dolac.


In order for the walkway to attain its function, a number of activities will be undertaken. The foremost one is the creation of a state-of-the art tourist signalization at every significant point of the walkway and setting up displays on locations of Sugar Refinery and Galeb. In addition, a mobile application in four languages will be developed, containing data on all sites along the walkway and connecting the future City Museum of Rijeka and motor vessel Galeb. This link is not random: symbolically speaking, facilities such as the ship and the industrial plant have always been the main features of Rijeka, both culturally and historically. That is why these two facilities represent the key elements within the integrated program of tourist valorization.

Apart from the main route, the mobile application will include numerous city landmarks relevant to the story of Rijeka’s industrial heritage, for those who wish to gain more information on their influence on the city life.


With Tourism Valorisation of the Representative Monuments of Rijeka’s Industrial Heritage the City of Rijeka responded to a call for grant award from EU funds, published by the Croatian Ministry of Regional Development and EU funds. After seven rounds of evaluation, the required funds were granted in 2017. The value of the project is HRK 81,339,442.05. Eighty-five percent of the sum, the maximum amount granted to a single recipient, or HRK 68,891,606.18, is covered from the EU funds. The remaining costs of the completion of the program will be paid from the city’s budget.

The grant will be spent on the restoration of the monuments of culture, which are important parts of the project Rijeka – the European Capital of Culture 2020. The Palace will be converted into the building of the City Museum of Rijeka, while Galeb, which is berthed to Rijeka’s main pier, will become one of the Museum’s branches. The ship and the upcoming programs that would be hosted here, are related to program Seasons of Power, a part of Rijeka ECC 2020 project. Seasons of Power program directs its critical attention to different totalitarian systems that influenced Rijeka’s life in the 20th century.